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Security Training

  • 2Weeks


PABC Secuirty offers an all-encompassing training program for guards and private security personnel, designed to equip them with essential skills and knowledge to handle diverse security challenges. The comprehensive curriculum covers everything from basic security protocols to advanced threat assessment and crisis management, delivered by experienced and certified instructors. Guards are trained in the effective use of cutting-edge security technology, crisis response, and legal and ethical considerations. Practical exercises and simulated scenarios build confidence, while emphasis on communication and customer service ensures professional interactions. Continuous professional development and team-building efforts create a unified and capable security force, providing exceptional protection services to clients and maintaining a safe environment for all. - Firearm Competent (PSIRA) - Certified Close Protection Officers, Grade A & B Operatives (PSIRA) SWAT and Close Quarter Combat - Tactical and Defensive Driving - Land and Satellite Navigation - Communications - Basic Trauma and Life Support (Medical) - CPO Etiquette and Client relations - Immediate action drills: - Criminal / Terrorist attacks and activities - Vehicle attack scenarios - Vehicle immobilisation drills - Attack on client scenarios

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R 4 000,00


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